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How Can Stress And Anxiety Lead To Hair Loss?

Update Date: May 10, 2019 02:50 PM EDT

How Can Stress And Anxiety Lead To Hair Loss?

Stress and anxiety is a big part of the daily routine, especially when working in an office job. Not only do you have the stress of getting tasks completed on time, but you also have the constant stress of the daily commute and other problems that life throws at you - all of which can lead to hair loss. Although some forms of hair loss are hereditary and can only be helped by a hair transplant from Longevita, there are several ways that you can identify and combat hair loss without such drastic measures. Here, we are going to look at how stress and anxiety can all lead to hair loss as a result.

Stress Can Weaken The Hair

Although this is not the only reason that you can begin to lose your hair, stress is certainly a cause of hair loss that can be gradual and have extensive results. Stress starts to begin weakening the hair over time and causing this to break. This constant breakage can then lead to the hair falling out from around the hairline or even at the back of the head which can knock confidence and begin to damage the hairline further.


This hair pulling disorder is partly bought on from dealing with stress and anxiety and can lead to a gradual state of hair loss. This disorder is identified by the growing urge to pull out one's hair and is often bought on in stressful situations. Although it is not known what the main cause of this disorder is, this can lead to irregular clumps of hair missing on one side more than the other as the hair will be pulled out sometimes without even meaning to. Though there is no real solution for combatting this style of disorder, therapy can help you to reduce the symptoms and put other coping mechanisms in place to deal with anxiety or stress.

Not Eating Correctly

Anxiety and stress can also lead to hair loss as many begin to not eat properly as a way of coping with anxiety or stress. This is a problem when it comes to hair growth as the body is then restricted of a number of vitamins that it has and can, therefore, begin to slow down the hair growing process. In order to combat this, it is important to maintain a healthy diet or replace these vitamins and minerals with supplements to take on the go as this will help to maintain the health of your hair.

Chronic Stress Stunts Growth

Another way that stress and anxiety can stunt growth is with chronic stress. This sudden influx of stress can cause a chemical imbalance that stunts the growth of your hair. Although you may not see the results of this immediately, you may notice your hair becoming far more brittle and breaking much easier. If you are suffering from chronic stress, it is important to take some me time whether this is having a bath or shower or even having a head massage as this will all help to reduce the stress levels and return you back to balance.

However, you decide to combat the stress that life puts you through, it is important to look at the effects that it can have on your hair. By monitoring this, you can keep your hair happy whilst reducing stress.

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