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How Can an Enterprise Resource Planning System Help My Business?

Update Date: Dec 27, 2018 10:49 PM EST

There is a big marketplace out there, and to stay competitive, it's essential to use the right tools at your disposal. Enterprise resource planning systems are software packages that help businesses integrate and run their day-to-day operations using a set of shared tools and data. Manage manufacturing, the supply chain, accounting, sales, project management, human resources, and more. With cloud-based capabilities, team members can access data and analytics, make reports, and tap into company-wide datasets where and when they're needed.

Without such a system, each department is stuck using isolated data that might not be current, with disconnected spreadsheets and documents. But with ERP software, executives to sales agents in the field have access to integrated information in real-time. Teams can work with confidence knowing their information has integrity and it is secure and backed up. 

Some other benefits of digital enterprise resource planning include:

  •  Lowered operational costs due to increased efficiency and streamlined processes
  •  Increased collaborative capabilities
  •  Improved insight with accurate real-time reports
  •  A common user-experience
  •  Easier reporting and documentation
  •  Increased interactivity and usage by trained staff
  •  Reduced risk and frequency of errors

If you're interested in an ERP solution, you should use the latest Sage software for your business like many successful North American companies do. Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as X3) is a popular choice. It is a system that can be customized to meet small- and medium-sized business's needs - especially those focused on growth and that want to expand into new markets. It can vastly improve speed and reduce costs: something that smaller companies with tight budgets can appreciate. Money is saved through efficient automation of tedious daily tasks and processes that usually take up an unfortunate percentage of employee time.

Sage Enterprise Management features centralized data for pulling up current reports, checking on inventory levels, monitoring sales and taking orders, and approving expenses. You'll be amazed at the streamlined series of workflows you can create using the singular coherent system. It has cloud computing capabilities to put vital data in the palm of employees' hands.

It might seem overwhelming to take on a new company-wide ERP system if you've never used one before. This is where consultants come in. They can assist by helping you select a software package that works best for your circumstances. Sage ERP systems can be tailored to suit your operational needs and departments, and consultants can work with you to accomplish this. You can implement the new system properly from the start so there is no need to seek help down-the-line.

Experts like IWI Consulting Group pride themselves on their personalized services that are highly responsive, regardless of company size or industry. Once the project requirements are reviewed and the software has been selected, a project management team will be provided to further assist the adoption process.

The team will clear costing for pre-implementation infrastructure, technical support, and training. They work to meet your time frames with flexibility. Consultants are responsive and provide timely support, plus include self-learning resources like hands-on training, tip sheets, and instructional videos.

With enterprise resource planning software, and professional consultants to help you adopt and adapt, your business's operations and growth can be taken further faster with fewer risks and many rewards.

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