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Climate Change: Result Of Human Activity In Last Century; Thinning Forests To Combat Issue

Update Date: Apr 24, 2017 11:41 PM EDT

Former climate change deniers, what changed your mind? - This is how the discussion on climate change commenced on AskReddit. The discussion accumulated more than 630 comments with varied opinions that provided typical insights in the question.

The discussion also involved the blame to human activity in the last century, which is one of the main causes for climate change and 97 percent of climate scientists agreed with it. Get to know more about the issue, here.

Emission Of Carbon Dioxide, Human Activity Involved

A graph presented by Quartz shows how human activity is the major cause of the emission of mainly carbon dioxide that plays a major role in climate change. In other words, human activity is catastrophically warming the planet.

In the United States, climate change is starkly political and more than 68 percent of registered Democrats usually rate it as a very serious problem, whereas only 20 percent of Republicans earlier talked against the science. This is one of the main reasons why common people earlier rejected massive involvement of human activity in the constant climate change.

Saving Trees And Mainly Thinning Forests

Now, the question is of preserving and multiplying the number of trees and other plants as a weapon in the struggle against climate change. Is it possible and logical?

According to MIT Technology Review, the greenery of Earth is filled with the ability to capture carbon. Hence, several recent studies are investigating how to tweak those tendencies, so that the result is able to have maximum impact on the increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

A recent study published in Forest Ecology and Management to understand the issue, tried to establish the fact that the traditional process of thinning of forests does not disturb the rate of reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Whereas, on the other hand, thinning of forests allows trees to grow stronger, which means the reduction of excess quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is possible.

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