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New Method Discovered To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes To Some Patients

Update Date: Apr 28, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

While many experts believe that Type 2 diabetes is incurable and gets worse overtime, a new research suggests that it could be reversed on some people by drastic changes in diet.

According to NWA Online, a small clinical study in England put 30 people with Type 2 diabetes on strict liquid diet for years. About 50 percent of the participants went on without the disease six months after the diet was over.

"This is a radical change in our understanding of Type 2 diabetes," said Dr. Roy Taylor, a professor at Newcastle University in England and the study's senior author. "If we can get across the message that 'Yes, this is a reversible disease -- that you will have no more diabetes medications, no more sitting in doctors' rooms, no more excess health charges' -- that is enormously motivating."

Meanwhile, it is not the first time that the Type 2 diabetes has been reversed right after the diagnosis. According to studies, obese people that have undergone bariatric surgery can see the condition gone even before losing weight.

However, a new study that was published in Diabetes Care in March 21 showed that the reversal from the temporary diet can last for at least six months as long as patients keep on dieting and can occur in patients who are suffering from diabetes for many years.

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The researchers tracked the participants after completing a low-calorie-shake diet for eight weeks and went back to normal eating. Those who had gone into remission right after the diet were still diabetes-free after six months. However, most of those who were able to reverse their diabetes had been diabetic for four years, while some are for eight years.

It is still not clear how such diabetes reversal is possible. The researchers believe that after losing weight and excess fats were removed from the liver and pancreas was able to kick start the insulin-producing cells to neutralize the sugar levels, as reported by Quartz.

While the study sheds a little light to cure the Type 2 diabetes, more studies are needed to fully understand the method's effectiveness. However, the patients who participated at the study said that they are happy that they did. Four after the study, at least one participant still has no symptoms of the diabetes.

Richard Doughty is still diabetes free. He consumes around 1700 calories every day but follows a strict exercise losing the calories he consumed. Although the diet is tough, it is not impossible. Doughty said that he learned to enjoy the shift in his lifestyle and he liked a wide range of food he did not know about before.

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